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Writer and long-time motorcycle instructor Kevin Williams uses his science background to look at what goes on inside our brain when we ride a motorcycle. The part of the brain we share with mammals is 200 million years old and other parts are older still - and designed for survival, not riding! This fascinating book explains how the parts of our brain juggle tasks back and forth, explains why things sometimes go wrong and discusses how simple techniques can improve our riding. 300 pages.

Tarmac Tactics

Packed full of practical examples to help the reader deal with situations they haven't encountered before, the topics covered in this book are real-life problems that confront every rider and a real-life heads-up to the solutions. Over220 pages of highly practical advice on how to deal with everything from road surfaces to weather, from country roads to city traffic. This books tackes practical riding issues and fills in the detail that other books on riding theory leave out. Tarmac Tactics is a book that every rider should have on their bookshelf.

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Survival SKILLS

At last... a 21st century approach to motorcycle riding. A motorcycle can do only two things - change speed or change direction. But how, where and when we achieve that has a major impact on just how safe we are on the roads. Delving into the latest research and packed with fresh ways of looking at better riding technique, the innovative content is based on his practical riding courses, delivered by top rider coach Kevin Williams. The best bolt-on accessory for any bike is the rider and this book will help you become the best rider you can be.

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The MAG Columns

The collected 'Survival Skills' columns from 'Streetbiker' and 'The Road' from 2002 to 2010. This popular column is now available for the first time as a collection, updated and expanded, in one collection. Over 40 articles deal with topics as diverse as recovering from a cornering mistake to safer overtaking, from overcoming tenseness to riding abroad, from riding in bad weather to coping with poor road surfaces. ”Am already on the 'Group Thrills Not Group Spills' chapter of your book and must say it's the best bit of motorcycle manual type literature that I've read!Jim Sanderson, Kent Firebike Rider

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End of the Road - 
MAG Columns 2

The second compilation of articles written by Kevin Williams for the MAG magazine 'The Road' adds the last twenty articles written between 2010 and 2014, and adds another twenty that were either in draft form, or had been published elsewhere. Many of the articles look at real life 'survival skills' issues that affect all riders regardless of age, sex, experience, or choice of machine. Others take a more philosophical look at riding, but all in an easy-to-read format. If you're on two wheels then there's something here for you.

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Riding with the Devil

A look back on how a 19 year old came to ride a motorcycle. From buying a bike and passing the test in the mid 70s, to learning to deal with London traffic as a courier, to holidays, crashes, moped endurance racing and rants along the way! "I read 'Riding With the Devil' over Christmas. Great read! There are some great despatching anecdotes, some rather eccentric holidays (eg the one where he and his girlfriend spent about a week straining metal shards out of the bike's oil before eventually towing it home; and the Bol D'Or one), plus - perhaps the best - the 'Moped Mayhem' race season." Simon Carswell

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