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SURVIVAL SKILLS has always led the way when it comes to new ways of thinking about riding and rider training! Delivered by KEVIN WILLIAMS, a BTEC-qualified instructor, the innovative Ride4Fun courses focus on my 'Point & Squirt' road map for better cornering, whilst my Ride4Work courses offer help for commuting and urban riders and draw on my courier experience. 
But the SURVIVAL SKILLS approach offers much more than just riding skills. 'Insight Training' move our understanding up to the next level by looking at HOW, WHERE and WHY things go wrong.  We'll look at rider error in corners, at junctions and during overtaking, then we'll learn how to avoid mistakes when we can and how to  apply get-out-of trouble 'evasion' techniques when we can't. Cities, rural lanes, touring, sport riding, commuting...
...whatever your riding challenge, SURVIVAL SKILLS is the answer.


Confidence: BUILDER

New or returning rider? Changing to a different style of bike? Riding in a new environment? Got a specific problem? Suffering a loss-of-confidence after a crash?
This is the course for you.

We can pick up where basic training left off, get you used to the new machine, build up your weak areas, or rebuild confidence after a spill.
You name it -the Confidence: BUILDER is all about YOUR needs so let's make a date for a frank chat about just what this course can do for you.


It's the New Normal. Many of us are looking at two wheels as a means of getting to work for the foreseeable future. But staying safe by avoiding public transport shouldn't mean taking risks on the roads. 
Drawing on my courier experience I've developed the Ride2Work courses that offer the skills needed to survive on everything from city centres to motorways.
Coaching in filtering, collision avoidance techniques and slow riding all help you develop a go-anywhere, do-anything skill set. 


Many of us enjoy the freedom that motorcycling brings. The Ride4Fun courses will develop your twisty road technique to a new level.
Start with the basics - hazard perception, risk awareness and risk management.
Add some machine control - steering, brakes and throttle.
Then ride the right line - the unique blend of 'reference points', positioning and lines.
Put together that's the Survival Skills 'Point & Squirt' system - a uniquely different approach to planned cornering.

One2One online

We've got used to working from home, now it's time to learn from home.
Your riding coach, Kevin Williams, is not just a BTEC-qualified advanced motorcycle trainer, but also a qualified online tutor with an NVQ in Distance Learning.
Kevin has delivered advice via email and bike forums for years.
Now you too can take advantage of that experience via inexpensive 1:1 online coaching sessions, webinars and videos.

New times? New Methods! But same Survival Skills!


Survival: URBAN one-day course
- from £160 per day LIMITED TIME OFFER



Herts / NW London

M25 / M1

Watford / St Albans area

Essex / NE London

M25 J26 

Waltham Abbey / Epping area

Bucks / W London

M25 / M40

Beaconsfield area


A406 N Circular Road

Brent Cross area

Surrey / SW London

M25 / A30

Egham area

Online Coaching

Join me from anywhere!

Join me for a Zoom meeting


Performance: BENDS one-day or Performance: SPORT two-day courses
- from £160 per day LIMITED TIME OFFER



All training is available Monday to Sunday.
Ride2Work 'Survival' courses are available all year round
Ride4Fun 'Performance' courses are weather-dependent and usually run March to November.
Online coaching sessions are also available year round. 


Morning two-hour practical on-road sessions usually start at 10am - no setting-off at silly hours to ride to meet me. They finish at approximately 12 noon.


Afternoon two-hour practical on-road sessions usually start at 2 pm and finish approximately 4 pm - you'll be home before the worst of the rush hour.


During the long summer months - May, June, July and August, all practical on-road sessions are also available with an evening start time between 6 and 7 pm, to finish approximately two hours later.


Online coaching sessions and the briefings for the practical on-road sessions can be held at any time between 8 am and 8 pm.


Excellent tuition from a highly skilled trainer and the best bit is it's great fun. You taught me a lot more than a couple of new skills, I learnt a whole new way of thinking. Thank you Kevin best money I ever spent.

- Terry Malka

A very informative and worthwhile investment in my riding! Well pitched for my needs, sound explanations, very useful riding techniques and diagnostic assessment of my riding. It was also fun. Plus excellent support material available from the site. Only a single day but I would come back for more for sure.

- Dave Murray

I took the 2-day Survival: SKILLS course and it was great. Kevin knows a lot and explained (and demonstrated) very well what and how to do things better. The course changed the way I look at things now and I would definitely recommend it!

- Rene Friedrichs



13 comic strips featuring riding hazards


Better biking videos & recordings of the Elevenses webcast

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